We want to welcome Rivers Duggan and Patrick Heraghty to The Cake

Rivers Duggan joins the cast as Anna, Nicole’s friend in New York and Patrick Heraghty plays Mark, Janet’s husband who is also on the phone to Janet from New York City. We finally got the last missing piece to put The Cake together. We’ll be updating shortly with news about progress.

We weren’t saying the truth when we said we were done shooting.

We are actually back in NYC and prepping the New York leg of the shoot.  Granted is a relatively small shoot, but very important for the film. We just started pre production for the shoot, which we hope to have dates very soon. Meanwhile we’re polishing the edit and hopefully we’ll be able to show […]

Editing has started

Our editor Alejandro Delgado from Hooligan in New York has started to edit the footage.  We’re going to take some time, but hope to have something to show very soon. Stay tuned. Previous Next