We weren’t saying the truth when we said we were done shooting.

We are actually back in NYC and prepping the New York leg of the shoot. 

Granted is a relatively small shoot, but very important for the film. We just started pre production for the shoot, which we hope to have dates very soon.

Meanwhile we’re polishing the edit and hopefully we’ll be able to show something very soon.


We are finished shooting.

After two long days, we are done shooting in Barcelona. We had a fantastic team that worked tirelessly in order to make this happen. We could not be more grateful to each and every one of our team members.

Thank you.

We are having a blast on set.

Crazy schedule as anybody can imagine, but we’re having a great time while shooting. 

We have 5 locations to cover over 2 days and the team are doing a great job keeping the whole team focus and excited. 

Our wonderful cast, Yasmine Othman and Stacey Williams have been a pleasure to work with, we can not believe how lucky we’ve been coming across these two great actresses.

We are shooting.

We started shooting! It is going to be a 2 day shoot. We have a great crew and could not be more excited. The project is getting a great momentum.